Amuse: Pro Matte Eyebrow Pencil

September 11, 2017

I’ve never been very interested in the “fleeky” brow look that has taken over Instagram. My eyebrows aren’t exactly thick, but they’re definitely not thin either. I pluck about five stray hairs on each side on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t lose sleep if I forgot to do it. Then again, I’m a beauty blogger and trying out new products is always fun. Plus, my brows are definitely not getting any love right now. When I found this Amuse Pro-Matte Eyebrow Pencil in “Brunette” on ShopMissA, I thought I’d give it a try.

Packaging & Value
This came packaged extremely well. It was sealed with plastic, and then placed inside a cardboard box. The pencil is double-sided with a triangular twist-up eyebrow pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other side. I love the face that it came with a spoolie to make brushing the product through easier. For $1, this is a great buy for someone like me who doesn’t need perfect brows!

Application & Longevity
The triangular shape of the pencil makes it so easy to apply this product. I use the flat end to apply product to the inside edge of my brows and the pointed end on the outer edges. Hopefully that makes sense. Generally, you want to brush your eyebrows with the spoolie before applying a brow product and again after to spread it. That’s exactly how I use this pencil and it works perfectly. I still prefer to keep my brows on the natural side, but you can make yours more defined if you prefer. I will say that I can’t get a full day’s wear out of this pencil, but I can simply touch up spots as needed. It’s a little strange to reapply both your lipstick and your brow pencil in public, but I’ve done it.

Results & Recommendations
I really like this pencil, but wish there were more shades available. I am a brunette and this is a bit light for me, and almost red-toned in my opinion. The next shade darker is “Black” which I think would be far too dark. I wish there was a “Deep Brunette” option for us darker brunettes, but I can make this work with a little extra effort. I probably will not repurchase this but may continue to use it until it is gone. If they did come out with more shades, however, I would absolutely try them. I would only recommend this if you are okay with a touch-up halfway through the day, or if your hair is a lighter brown.

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