Danimer: Liquid Lipsticks

July 10, 2017

I always see these liquid lipsticks on eBay, but pass them up, thinking that I can’t get a good quality lipstick for 99 cents. When I made a little extra money this month, I decided to just go for it and buy the entire set of 38. I paid $35 for the set, receiving a small discount for buying them all at once, with free shipping. It took about two weeks for them to show up in my mail box. Warning, this will be long.

Value & Packaging
For 99 cents a piece, these were definitely worth trying. The tubes are on the smaller side, but with so many colors to choose from, they’ll last me quite a while. One did come with a broken cap, but I was able to fix it easily. The tubes are pretty cute, with a small scalloping design along the top and rounded bottoms. Each tube is labeled with “Danimer Long Lasting Liquid Lipgloss” although they really are more of a liquid lipstick. The tops are numbered with no real name, which is frustrating at times since it’s hard to remember that I’m a huge fan of number 05 or 17, but not 14.

Application & Longevity
Here’s where we have to break these down into individual colors. Some of these were beyond amazing in terms of application while others were terrible. All of them were fairly easy to remove with an oil-based makeup remover, but stayed put for about 6 hours with moderate eating and drinking. None of them felt sticky or burned my lips, which is always a fear when buying makeup products from websites like eBay. Here we go! Each swatch was done on bare lips and was left to dry for a full five minutes. Apologies for the slight change in lighting. I’m placing a ♥ next to the colors that I loved and would wear on a daily basis and a next to the ones that I didn’t like at all and will never use again. The rest are all decent but not amazing.

01: Neon bubblegum pink! Streaky, but can be smoothed with work. 
02: Dark mauve-toned rose pink! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
03: Light rose pink with purple tones! Patchy, but can be opaque with two coats.
04: Semi-metallic magenta-toned red! Perfect one-coat formula.
05: Classic deep red! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
06: Medium magenta-toned pink! Slightly streaky.
07: Berry-toned dark pink! Great formula with two coats. ♥
08: Dusty red rose! Great formula with two coats. ♥
09: Classic red with blue undertones! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥

10: Red-toned brown! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
11: Dusty dark bubblegum pink. Great formula. ♥
12: Pale, nude pink! Slightly patchy, but opaque with two coats. ♥
13: Bright, pale pink! Slightly streaky.
14: Light metallic copper! Very streaky.
15: Light bubblegum pink with purple tones! Extremely streaky.
16: Dusty rose with purple undertones! Streaky, but opaque with two coats.
17: Neon orange-toned red! Great one-coat formula, but center fades fast. ♥
18: Light dusty pink! Very streaky. 

19: Natural lip-colored pink! Slightly streaky, but opaque with two coats.
20: Slightly metallic magenta-toned pink! Great formula, but runny.
21: Dark, dusty rose! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
22: Brown-toned medium purple! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
23: Brown-toned medium pink! Great formula. ♥
24: Light brown with pink undertones! Extremely streaky.
25: Rose-toned purple! Slightly streaky.
26: Medium salmon pink! Slightly streaky, but opaque with two coats.
27: Bright classic red! Great formula with two coats. ♥

28: Bright red with brown undertones! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
29: Dusty hot pink! Streaky, but opaque with two coats.
30: Nude brown! Great formula with two coats. ♥
31: Medium hot pink! Slightly streaky, but opaque with two coats.
32: Dark copper brown with pink tones! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
33: Brown-toned deep red! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
34: Slightly metallic brown-toned red! Perfect one-coat formula. ♥
35: Very pale bubblegum pink! Worst, unworkable formula.
36: Slightly metallic violet! Streaky, but opaque with three coats.

37: Orange-toned red! Great formula with two coats. ♥
38: Hot pink with slight purple tones! Great formula with two coats. ♥

Results & Recommendations
Some of these were amazing, others were not too special. It’s really a matter of preference, but I would definitely repurchase a few of these colors without a second thought. It was really fun to purchase the entire collection and swatch them all, although it was very time consuming. See how much I love you guys?! Which of these do you like?

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