Dollar Shave Club: Razor Subscription

May 26, 2017

I discovered Dollar Shave Club about a year ago, but kept putting off signing up because I didn’t know that it was really worth it. My cheap drugstore disposable razors worked just fine and I didn’t want to spend the extra money. When I heard about their promotion where you could get your first month for only $1, I decided to give them a try. It’s been six months, so I’m ready to share my opinion.

There are three packages you can choose from: the Humble Twin (2 blades), the 4X (4 blades), and the Executive (6 blades, plus a trimmer blade for beards). The Humble Twin is $1 a month plus $2 for shipping, the 4X is $6 including shipping, and the Executive is $9 including shipping. I started off with the Executive, then decided to try the 4X, but went back to the Executive after only one month.

The Executive: These refill blades (pictured above) are truly amazing. I thought my drugstore brands were working out just fine, but in reality, I wasn’t getting a very close shave. I’ve never used the trimmer blade, but the Handsome Book Nerd does. The moisture strips on these make shaving so comfortable! I replace my blade every 10 days and I shave my armpits every single day and my legs twice a week.

The 4X: These blades are nice, but I would compare them to a disposable razor that you can get for about the same price. The biggest difference between these and disposable razors is the convenience since these are shipped straight to your door. I was changing these once a week.

The Service
You can choose to have these shipped every month or every other month. In all three of the package options, you get four blades delivered in a plastic case. You also get a little pamphlet titled, “The Bathroom Minutes” which I’ve seen some people describe as crude, but I think is kind of funny. Sometimes they talk about poo, other times they talk about shaving, and occasionally, you get a history lesson. I use three blades a month and the Handsome Book Nerd uses the remaining one. If you find that you didn’t use all of your blades during the month, you can pause your shipments for a certain time period, or you can pause them indefinitely until you are ready to resume. I have never had a delay in shipments, even the two times that I had to pause shipping due to a move.

When you first sign up, and if you change your blade refill options, you also get a razor handle. Since we switched from the Executive to the 4X and then back to the Executive, we have three handles, which is nice since the Handsome Book Nerd does use one blade per month. You can buy an extra handle for a few dollars as well. The Executive handle is on top in the picture above, and the 4X handle is on the bottom. The Executive handle definitely feels heavier and more expensive, which makes sense. The handles are completely interchangeable from my experience.

I was pleasantly surprised by this razor subscription. The razors work well, especially the Executive blades, and it is so convenient not to have to remember them at the store.

If you would like to sign up, please click here. Take advantage of that $1 promo code as well! It is definitely worth trying out! If they don’t work out for you, just cancel your subscription.

*FTC Disclosure: While I am not affiliated with Dollar Shave Club, if you sign up with the link above, I do get a $5 credit on my account. However, $5 will never be enough for me to give a biased review and I will continue buying them regardless!*

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