Fake OPI Cuticle Oil Pens

September 13, 2017

I found these fake OPI cuticle oil pens on eBay a few months ago, not knowing that they were being labeled as OPI products. The ad just said something to the extent of “fruit oil cuticle pens” and the pictures did not show a brand name. They were only 79 cents each, so I decided to get two: the yellow one advertised as lemon and the pink advertised as pomegranete. I received them about three months after ordering and was surprised to see “OPI” on the labels. After researching them, I found out that OPI doesn’t make them or anything similar, but I decided to try them out anyway.

First off, the packaging. They came just in the tubes, no boxes or shrinkwrap, and they were both leaking. Not cool. Then I started reading the labels. As I said, they are labeled as OPI products. The back reads, “This notruol revitolizing comtlex blend of Peach extract, mango extract, peach mango and vitaminstonourish,moisturizocuticle oil pen and protect the cuticles andnails. Usage:Apply one drop to eachcuticle and massage gently,3-4 times per wex.” No, the spelling errors are not mine. That is verbatim what the tubes say. Again, not cool. Have they not heard of spell check?!

Now for the product. The smell is actually very nice; they really do smell like fruit. The oil itself is thin and does a decent job of absorbing into my skin. I do notice a bit of leftover oil after massaging the product into my cuticles, but since I use lotion afterwards it doesn’t bother me. You twist the end of the pen to dispense the oil, then brush it onto your cuticle area, and finally massage it fully with your fingers. This is very easy to do, but I wish the attached brush was a bit more flexible. I like to put the oil under the tips of my nails as well and it’s hard to do so when the brush is so stiff.

I honestly don’t think that this cuticle oil has helped with nail growth or made my cuticles look any better. Disclaimer: my nails grow like weeds so it is hard for me to tell when a product is making them grow as opposed to it just being me organically. I’m very against OPI’s brand name being used on a non-OPI product and I will never support nor recommend something like this. In my eyes, the company that makes these pens is stealing from OPI. I can’t even call this a full review because the stupid things broke after I used them for a week. The ends that you twist fell off and won’t go back in on both pens. They are both in my trash can now, and I would not recommend them.

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