Lorery e Fashion: Eyeliner Pencil

July 5, 2017

While browsing eBay for a new purse, I can across this 12-pack of eyeliners and was immediately intrigued. It was only $6 for all 12 eyeliner pencils and they were all black. What more could I ask for? I immediately added them to my cart and then sat back and waited. And then I waited and waited and waited. It took almost a month, but one day they appeared in my mailbox. I had almost forgotten I ordered them! I will admit that I hadn’t ever heard of Lorery e Fashion before purchasing these eyeliners and I can’t find an English review of these liners online. Yay for being first for once!

Value & Packaging
These are $6 for a pack of 12, which equals out to 50 cents each. For two quarters, you get 0.9 grams of eyeliner. For comparision, in a MAC Technakohl Liner, you get 0.35 grams for $17. Now, this eyeliner isn’t as good as a MAC eyeliner, but that is a huge price difference, so I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of quality. The packaging is very basic and, honestly, not too appealing. It’s a mechanical-style pencil that twists to dispense the liner, which I love. The writing is silver and kind of reminds me of the makeup I got as a kid. There’s a number near the end but it doesn’t have an actual shade name.

Application & Longevity
This eyeliner is incredibly smooth and creamy. It glides on without tugging, and stays put if you use a primer. It isn’t the most pigmented black eyeliner on the market, but it is dark enough for everyday use. On days when I want my eyes to be bold, I set the liner with black eyeshadow to deepen the look. In the swatch below, Lorery e Fashion is the bigger heart and MAC Technakohl in Graphblack is the smaller heart on the right. As you can see, the MAC liner is more pigmented, but not by too much.

Results & Recommendations
For 50 cents a pencil, I do like these liners, especially since I wear eyeliner on a daily basis. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who needs a decent black eyeliner on a budget.

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