Malibu Glitz: Round Blushers

August 2, 2017

I already reviewed the square versions of these blushers, so I thought I’d also review the round ones. Again, I picked these up from ShopMissA and decided to get all six of the colors: #1 Silky Rose, #2 Orchid, #3 Peach, #4 Mauve, #5 Amber Star, and #6 Coral. Since I swatched and tested these after the square ones, I had little to no hope for them, but I figured I would give them a shot regardless.

Packaging & Value
These come in cardboard packages, open with a plastic sheet covering the actual product. You have to bend the mirror down to close it into a compact. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t like this because it feels cheap. There’s also a small round sponge behind the compact, which I don’t understand. Who applies blush with a sponge?! The actual compact is a black flip-top circle with a mirror, although I did notice that the first two shades came in a blue-gray compact. Again, you get the rose imprint, which I adore. These are $1 each which is a great value in my opinion, especially since they are cruelty free. (Everything on ShopMissA’s website is cruelty-free, by the way!)

Application & Longevity
I didn’t love the square blushers, but these round ones are amazing. So pigmented, only a tiny bit powdery, and gorgeous for all skin tones. I do find that I need to be careful when applying these as the colors are so intense, but I’d rather blend for an extra minute than have to sit there and build the product forever. If you don’t blend well, you may end up looking like you’re wearing clown makeup. Plus, if you’re like me and get every color, there’s a good variety of shades. They last about as long as any other blush if you use a decent face primer or foundation underneath.

Results & Recommendations
I absolutely would recommend these to anyone and everyone. The pigmentation is amazing and the range of shades are to die for. I use Coral and Mauve quite a bit more than the others, but they all get regular use. Just remember to blend, blend, blend! I would definitely repurchase these.

    1. I’ve heard that complaint quite a bit! A few people have mentioned that if you scrape the top layer off, they blend better. For me, I just kept blending for what seemed like forever until it was more subtle. It’d be a shame to have to scrape that beautiful rose off!

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