Malibu Glitz: Square Blushers

July 19, 2017

I ordered these Malibu Glitz square blushers from ShopMissA with really high hopes of liking them. The swatches look so beautifully pigmented online, but not overbearing, and the rose imprint is absolutely gorgeous. I got all six shades to try out since they were so cheap: #1 Toast, #2 Champagne, #3 Cinnamon, #4 Neutal (no, I’m not incorrectly spelling “Neutral”), #5 Sun Storm, and #6 Rose Wood.

Packaging & Value
The packaging of these absolutely blows me away. Each compact is black square with a clear flip-top lid. “Malibu Glitz” is printed on the lids and the information is on the back. Again, the rose imprint is such a nice touch in my opinion. Everything from ShopMissA is cruelty-free, which makes the $1 price point even more outstanding. For $1, I have absolutely no regrets buying all six of these blushers.

Application & Longevity
This is where I started having problems with these. As you might be able to see in the picture above, a lot of these colors are very similar. Toast and Cinnamon are really the only pink-toned colors of the six shades. The rest are all a pale white. All of these are slightly chalky and have quite a bit of fallout when applying with a brush. I honestly don’t understand how all of these can be considered blushers. Champagne, Neutal, Sun Storm, and Rose Wood are definitely more of highlighters than blushers. All of these also have a bit of shimmer to them, which makes me want to use them as highlighters even more. Over a good face primer, these will last about as long as your standard blusher.

Results & Recommendations
The swatches above were done so heavy that it almost pains me that they are so hard to see. Apologies to all my darker skinned readers, but I wouldn’t recommend these to you. Champagne may work well as a highlight on you, but when I had a darker-toned friend try these out, they just about disappeared on her skin. If you’re more pale than I am, these will probably work great. If you’re slightly tan like I am, I would recommend Cinnamon and Sun Storm. I will not be repurchasing these, but I will continue to use them until they’re gone. Maybe they will work better in the winter when I’m insanely pale again.

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