Monave: Bronzers

November 6, 2017

I don’t own too many bronzers, but I do like using them in place of contour powders and, occasionally, blushers. I decided to try Monave Mineral’s Bronzers since I love the rest of the products I’ve tried from their line. I decided to only get samples of every color since I don’t use bronzers often. The colors are Brandy, Rum, and Gran Marnier. I love that they’re all named after drinks, and correct me if I’m mistaken, but shouldn’t that last one be Grand Marnier? Regardless, I was super excited to try these!

Packaging & Value
As I said, I purchased the sample sizes of these, so mine came in little bags. Each bag was $1, except Rum was $1.30 for some reason, which is very reasonable. If you were to buy the full-sized products they would run you $13.50 ($10.80 for Rum right now). Each of the sample bags are large enough that you can get about four uses out of them. I didn’t notice too much of a discrepency in how much was in each bag, except there was about double the product in Gran Marnier. I’m not complaining! I emptied my bags into these 5-gram jars that I buy off of eBay, like I do with all my samples, and then peeled the label off the bag. The label was a perfect fit for the bottom of my jars!

Application & Longevity
These apply wonderfully. They are finely milled so I was expecting fall-out and creasing, but they went on my skin buttery-smooth. I did have to really build up Rum to get the color pay-off I was hoping for but after a bit of work, it looked fabulous. Rum makes a wonderful contour shade for medium-toned skin, by the way! I used Gran Marnier as a transition shade between Rum and my highlighter, and it looked so flawless. These last all day over my foundation when I set them with a spray.

Results & Recommendations
I really like these! I am definitely purchasing the full-size of Brandy and, possibly, Rum. Gran Marnier is lovely, but it might be a bit too light for my skintone. If you are very light, it would make a great bronzer for you! And, hey, maybe when I lighten up this winter I’ll be singing a different tune! I’ll keep you posted!

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