Monave: Face Illuminizers

October 30, 2017

Sorry for the giant lapse in posting. I have been very sick, and then there was the great dog fiasco, which you can read about on my Instagram. Let’s get back to our regular schedule! I will now be posting on Monday and Thursday.

You may remember my review of the Monave Face Illuminizer in Glow if you’re a long-time reader of my ramblings. If you haven’t read it, spoiler alert: I loved it. So it seemed like a no-brainer for me to buy the other three colors in the collection. The colors are Glisten, Glow, Radiant, and Glimmer. How cute are these names for highlighters? I love them, but I wish Radiant was named something with a “G” just to match the rest. How about Gleam, Monave? Okay, maybe I’m being a bit silly!

Packaging & Value
As I said before, you get a ridiculous amount of product for an amazing price with these illuminizers. The full-size comes with 5 grams of product for $12 and the sample-size comes with enough product for about four uses for $1. Right now, Glisten is on sale for $9.60. You can’t beat that price! The packaging is super simple, but functional. I’m copying and pasting this from my last review because it’s still an issue: “My biggest grievance is that the sifter holes are so large that the powder sits on top of the sifter and I have to use a very light touch with my brush to avoid fall-out.” You can also get a set of all four colors for $34 which saves you $14! I might have to do that soon, especially since a lot of my makeup was destroyed.

Application & Longevity
These apply wonderfully, especially over foundation, and never crease or cake up on me. You do need to make sure to tap, tap, tap your brush or suffer a whole lot of fall-out. The highlight I get from these is so beautiful. It’s bright, but not blinding, which I prefer. They are buildable! Over a foundation, I find that these last all day without needing to be reapplied. I always get compliments when I use these!

Results & Recommendations
These are beautiful highlighters that are made by an amazing company for a reasonable price. Of course I’m going to recommend them. My favorite is Glow, but Glimmer is a close second. It’s unfortunate that the swatches don’t show up very well on camera, but they are absolutely stunning in person. You can also use these as an inner-eye highlight! I like to use Radiant as my inner-eye color.

I also want to talk about Monave as a company. They are so sweet. My last purchase was for a measly $7 (with $3 shipping) and they still took the time to handwrite a “thank you” on my invoice. I’ve spent hundreds before at other companies and not received something this personal. They really are a great company and I’m so grateful that I found them! Go check them out!

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