Monave: Lip Glaze in Tigerlilly

August 21, 2017

I’m a lip product junkie, through and through. Liquid lipsticks have always held a special place in my heart. How did my lippie obsession begin though? With this: Monave’s Lip Glaze in Tigerlilly (#166). Not only is this lip glaze a beautiful color, it’s a vegan product. While I’m not vegan, I appreciate the extra time and effort it takes to make products that can be used by people living the vegan lifestyle. So, what exactly is a lip glaze? The best way I can describe this is that it’s a highly-pigmented lip gloss with amazing staying power. It’s also insanely moisturizing, which is always a plus in my book!

Packaging & Value
This lip glaze comes in a very simple clear tube with a silver cap. The logo is printed on the tube and there is a label on the bottom letting you know the shade’s number. If you’re wondering why I don’t have a picture of this, it’s because my tube is so well-loved that the label is totally gone. It pretty much lives in my purse or diaper bag and has taken a lot of abuse. Sorry Tigerlilly, I love you! The applicator is your standard doe-foot. It’s extraordinarily soft and small enough to really get into the tiny areas of my lips. This will run you $15, which is a fabulous price in my opinion for a vegan, gluten-free Lip Glaze.

Application & Longevity
As I said, the doe-foot applicator makes this super easy to apply. In the swatches above, you can see that you can spread the gloss out for a more subtle color, or you can really pack it on for a pop of color. Tigerlilly is listed in the “red” category, but I find it to be more of an orange-pink-nude. Either way, it glides onto my lips so smoothly and stays put for quite a while, about 5 hours before I need to reapply.

Results & Recommendations
I would absolutely recommend these Lip Glazes to anyone. My tube is getting low and I can’t decide whether to repurchase Tigerlilly or to get a new shade, or both. I’ve been eyeing a few (Clay, Vamp, Amethyst, Allure, Magenta Moves, Silk Garnet, Divine, and Kasha…just to name a few…anyone got $135 I can borrow?). Monave also sells minis of the Lip Glazes if you’re interested in a smaller version for $3.50! Maybe I’ll do that and get the shades I want.

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