Monave: Loose Mineral Foundation

June 26, 2017

I may be pregnant, but that shine coming off my face is not a glow. It’s oil. I have the strangest skin. It’s oily in some spots, dry in others, and average in tiny sections. Most foundations cater to one area and highlight the flaws on the rest. I’ve been known to use two to three different formulas at once. Loose powder foundations have always worked well on the oily sections of my face but made my dry spots look horrendous, so I was hesitant to try this Monave Loose Mineral Foundation. I first ordered the sample size of the shade Claire, and later purchased the full-sized version since it was a great match.

Packaging & Value
The full-size product on the left retails for $22, while the sample-sized pot on the right retails for $2.50. For this price, I absolutely recommend getting a few samples and finding your perfect shade. I actually want to buy the shade Ashlie for when I get really light in the winter. Once you find your perfect shade, I would also recommend getting one of each size. I use my “sample” pot for travel. And, really, this is a sample? It’s huge! The packaging is pretty basic, but nice. The lid screws off and there is a sifter underneath. As you can see, I use this foundation so often that the label has actually rubbed off. There is a label on the bottom, however, that lets me know the shade name, so this doesn’t bother me.

Application & Longevity
There are a few ways that I like to apply this loose foundation. One way is to mix it into your daily moisturizer. This method results in a medium coverage foundation, and I find that I do need to use a concealer as well. This method is best for people with dry skin. Another method is to dampen your foundation brush very slightly and brush the powder onto bare skin. This works best for people with oily skin, but if your brush isn’t damp enough, it can be a bit messy. I find that this is the least effective method because the coverage isn’t very uniform. The method I find myself using the most often is to mix a tiny bit of clear or white face primer in with a small scoop of the loose foundation. This results in a full-coverage look that doesn’t require concealer. When I use this method, my foundation lasts all day without budging or creasing, even under my eyes. It controls my oily spots as well as my dry spots. Plus, it doesn’t feel heavy or look cakey. I’m always surprised how lightweight this feels on my skin.

Results & Recommendations
I actually wasn’t aware of this until I wrote this review, but this foundation also has full spectrum sunscreen in it. That makes it better for me since I am so bad about wearing sunscreen, which is really important when you live in the Mile High City. In the picture above, I am wearing a bit of blush and a Diamond Sparkle (Blossom), but you can still see just how great the coverage is with this loose foundation. Pores? Blemishes? Where did you go?! If it’s not blaringly obvious yet, I would absolutely recommend this loose foundation, and plan to try out the shade Ashlie in the winter.

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