Monave: Versatile Mineral Powders

May 29, 2017

Monave Minerals created these Versatile Mineral Powders and while they can be used to create custom nail polishes, lip glosses, or eyeliners, I prefer to use them as eyeshadows and that is how I will be reviewing them.  They are gluten-free and vegan products. The nine colors I have to review are: Cafe Latte, Semi-Matte Beige, Semi-Matte Bronze, Mermaid, Oasis, Gold Salmon, Rose, Taupe, and Hypnotic. They are sorted on the website by color family, so you may have to do some searching.

Packaging & Value
These come in two sizes, a full-size which retails for $7.50 and a sample-size which retails for a whopping $1. The ones I bought are the full-size and come in plastic pots with screw-top lids. The samples come in little bags. First off, for 1 gram of product, $7.50 is a steal. Seriously, take me to jail. I have to wonder how much real profit Monave can make selling these for so little. Even the sample size that I bought, which is long gone, lasted me for roughly 4 applications. At $1, that’s amazing.

The packaging is where I have issues. These are made for stacking. The bottom of each pot can screw on to become a lid for the next pot, which I love for travel. What I don’t love about this design is that the product from the bottom pot gets stuck on the bottom of the pot above it. So when I go to use the bottom eyeshadow, I have to balance the others upside down or risk spilling powder all over. This could, obviously, be avoided by never stacking the pots, but that makes traveling with a lot of them harder. I also didn’t like how the bottoms didn’t have names on them. Instead, they were labelled with a corresponding number (such as 78 or 52). This makes reordering specific colors a pain.

Application & Longevity
These are absolutely my favorite eyeshadows in terms of application and longevity. They are so ridiculously silky smooth and long lasting. Plus, these are the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever owned. They are incredibly true to color. For $7.50 a pop, one day I will own every single color in the collection. Quote me on that! The eyeshadows swatches below are in the same order as above: Cafe Latte, Semi-Matte Beige, Semi-Matte Bronze, Mermaid, Oasis, Gold Salmon, Rose, Taupe, and Hypnotic. My favorites are Semi-Matte Bronze, Gold Salmon, and Taupe.

Results & Recommendations
Even with the packaging issues, I love these (but will probably avoid stacking them from here on out and may even repackage them). In the eye look below, I used Semi-Matte Beige as a lid color, Semi-Matte Bronze as a crease and outer-corner color, and Oasis as a highlight and inner-corner color. I have gotten so many compliments with these three colors. I would absolutely recommend picking up a few of these Versatile Mineral Powders, and will be purchasing more colors in the near future.

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