Rich On: Intense Colour Eyeliner

August 16, 2017

This is another item from my recent ShopMissA purchase. It is a waterproof liquid eyeliner from Rich On Cosmetics. I thought it was a pen-style liner when I bought it, but it has a wand. At first I was disappointed by this, but the more I use it, the more I appreciate the wand design.

Value & Packaging
For $1, this is an amazing liquid eyeliner! I honestly didn’t expect too much out of this, because liquid eyeliners and I don’t get along great, but it surprised me. The packaging is pretty average, but lacking in my opinion. The tube is black and all it says is “EYEliner; Waterproof Eyeliner; Intense colour – Long wear”. There is no name (the one I purchased was listed as “black”) and there is no brand name (just a totally illegible scribble). It came sealed in plastic with no box, which is fine with me for $1.

Application & Longevity
Applying this eyeliner is so easy as the brush is very flexible and thin. The wand is quite long which makes it harder to do your eye on your non-dominant side, but it’s still fairly easy. The formula isn’t too thick or thin, and it is easy to get a thinner line or a pointed wing as you can see in these pictures. It applies very dark and stays put all day when used over an eyeshadow primer.

Results & Recommendations
I adore this liquid eyeliner and would absolutely recommend it to everyone. I use it on a daily basis and am hoping to get a back-up for when I run out. It even works well when I use it for winged eyeliner which I’m not very good at. It has honestly turned me into a winged-liner lover!

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