Santee: Flawless Liquid Foundation

November 2, 2017

Forever on the hunt for a good, inexpensive foundation I picked up these Santee Flawless Liquid Foundations during my ShopMissA haul for $1. I didn’t know which color would match my skin tone the best since the swatches online were a bit hard to differentiate, so I purchased shades 2, 4, and 5. Shade 3 was sold out or I would’ve gotten it as well. They had decent reviews, so I was excited to try them.

Packaging & Value
These come in tiny squeeze tubes where the only indication of the shade is a small heart opening on the top. I assume that after you use a bit of the product, it will be so low you won’t be able to see the color at all. Each shade is numbered, but the number isn’t printed on the bottle. It’s on a small sticker that is placed on the back over the ingredient list. Stickers obviously fall off, so once that happens, you have to guess which shade is which, making reordering harder. So far, I’m not impressed.

Application & Longevity
This stuff is thick and I fully expected it to be a full-coverage foundation. I’d consider it a low-coverage however, almost like a tinted moisturizer, but this caked up on my skin like a full-coverage foundation and make me look like I had applied far too much. So much for it being flawless. It dries down to an almost matte finish but I can still see a few oily spots on my face coming through. It definitely does not last all day, even after setting it with powder. Plus, it made my face feel tight and itchy.

Results & Recommendations
So much no. I would not recommend this. I would not repurchase this. I will not continue to use this. It just didn’t do the job and the way it made my face feel honestly makes me wonder about the ingredients in it. I don’t even have swatches of these three shades because the colors don’t look different from one another. All the swatches showed was cakey, dry-looking splotches on my skin.

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