Skin Nutritions New York: Age Defy Serum

May 24, 2017

I turn 27 this year and I’m finally starting to think about wrinkles, and with a one-year-old and another on the way, I definitely suffer from dark circles under my eyes. I thought about buying an expensive eye cream, but my dermatologist informed me that most of these issues are genetic and can’t be fixed by products. Still, I wanted to try something. When I found this Skin Nutritions New York Age Defy Dark Circle & Puffiness Serum, I thought it’d be worth a shot. For the record, I got mine at a local mom and pop shop and it was only $2, not $6.99 as I saw advertised on Amazon.

Packaging & Value
This serum comes in a small red tube with a roller-ball applicator. I actually really like the packaging. It’s sleek and simple, but feels heavy and sturdy, and it has a bit of shimmer to it. I probably wouldn’t pay more than $2, but trying a new product for a couple bucks didn’t seem excessive.

Application & Longevity
All you have to do is shake and swipe to apply the serum. While it is extremely easy to apply, I did not like the consistency. It feels really thick on my skin, especially since the skin under my eyes is so thin and delicate. A lot of product seems to come out when rolling it on and it sits on top of the ball, which doesn’t seem very sterile. It also doesn’t dry unless you rub the product in with your finger. Even after it “dries” it still feels sticky to the touch. Hopefully, you can see how thick it is in the picture below.

Results & Recommendations
After one week of use, I didn’t find this to make a big enough difference. It did decrease puffiness, but it did not have any impact on dark circles or wrinkles. If it dried down and didn’t feel so sticky, I might have kept using it just to see the long-term effects. I probably wouldn’t recommend this serum or repurchase it.

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