Styling Platform High Heels

August 11, 2017

I got these gorgeous platform high heels from AMI Club Wear about a year ago and I wear them all the time in the fall. A lot of people correlate heels like this with clubbing, but there are so many ways you can wear heels like this for a casual look. The fact that I’m a stay-at-home mom should tell you that anyone can rock heels like these! The ones I’m showcasing here have an ankle strap, which I love. It just feels and looks more feminine to me. Here’s some tips on how I style them for everyday wear.

Wear them with a pair of rolled-up skinny jeans. If your heels don’t have the ankle strap like mine do, you can absolutely keep your jeans unrolled, but I like to show off that strap. This is probably my favorite way to wear these heels. I usually pair this combination with a flowy top or a tight tank top and leather jacket. With fall right around the corner, this becomes my signature look.

Wear them with a short skirt. Now I will admit that for a while I thought that this look was a bit risqué for an almost-30-year-old mom, but the more I style my heels this way, the more I like it. I always pair this with a casual graphic tee to keep it fun. You can wear tights if you prefer.

Wear them with flared pants for a professional look. For more professional events where I want to make a good impression, I wear these heels with a pair of black pinstripe flared pants. Not only does this look give a good first impression, it elongates your legs making you appear taller (not that I need that at 5’9″). You can wear a button up shirt with this, or a loose blouse.

There are so many more ways to wear this type of platform high-heeled shoe, but these are my favorite. If you have any other suggestions, go ahead and leave me a comment.

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