Styling Platform High Heels

August 11, 2017

I got these gorgeous platform high heels from AMI Club Wear about a year ago and I wear them all the time in the fall. A lot of people correlate heels like this with clubbing, but there are so many ways you can wear heels like this for a casual look. The fact that I’m a stay-at-home mom should tell you that anyone can rock heels like these! The ones I’m showcasing here have an ankle strap, which I love. It just feels and looks more feminine to me. Here’s some tips on how I style them for everyday wear.

Wear them with a pair of rolled-up skinny jeans. If your heels don’t have the ankle strap like mine do, you can absolutely keep your jeans unrolled, but I like to show off that strap. This is probably my favorite way to wear these heels. I usually pair this combination with a flowy top or a tight tank top and leather jacket. With fall right around the corner, this becomes my signature look.

Wear them with a short skirt. Now I will admit that for a while I thought that this look was a bit risqué for an almost-30-year-old mom, but the more I style my heels this way, the more I like it. I always pair this with a casual graphic tee to keep it fun. You can wear tights if you prefer.

Wear them with flared pants for a professional look. For more professional events where I want to make a good impression, I wear these heels with a pair of black pinstripe flared pants. Not only does this look give a good first impression, it elongates your legs making you appear taller (not that I need that at 5’9″). You can wear a button up shirt with this, or a loose blouse.

There are so many more ways to wear this type of platform high-heeled shoe, but these are my favorite. If you have any other suggestions, go ahead and leave me a comment.

  1. You can wear these with that skirt cause you have great legs but what about us big girls? I like the skinny jeans idea. Are these comfortable? Easy to stroll in? I’ve never shopped at this website. Do they ship to the UK?

    1. Thank you! Remember that no matter what size you are, you can wear anything you like! I bet you would rock a skirt like this one! The shoes are very comfortable, and easy to walk in with a bit of practice. I break all my heels in over a week at home to avoid being in pain while I’m out and about. I believe they do ship to the UK. You can find their FAQ here.

  2. When are you going to do more fashion posts? I really need some fall tips and we have a similar body type, except I’m shorter.

  3. I bought a pair of silver boots from there thanks to you (and a FEW other things LOL)! Can you do a post on how you style they’re boots?

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