Zuii Organic: Flora Eyeshadow in Rose Mist

June 28, 2017

I’ve talked about Zuii Organic in previous posts, but it’s always been their lip products that I rave about. But what about their other products? Today we’re going to talk about Zuii Organic’s Flora Eyeshadow in the shade Rose Mist, a light pink color with a hint of shimmer. I could have sworn I also bought the color Jade, a gorgeous green shade, but my pregnant brain is incapable of finding it.

Packaging & Value
The packaging, like all of Zuii Organic’s products, is simple and sweet. These are surprisingly sturdy for being plastic, but lightweight, and are great for travel. The lids screw on, which I enjoy because it makes it easier to pack the product on my brush. These will run you $27.50 which may seem like a lot, but they last an incredibly long time, even with regular use. Plus, I’m willing to give a company a little more money for products that are certified organic, natural, and never test on animals. Note: By clicking on the links above and buying from BeautyGreenHouse, this eyeshadow is on sale for $16.99 while supplies last. That is such an amazing price at 40% off. Plus, you get free shipping!

Application & Longevity
Zuii recommends layering these eyeshadows for a more intense color, and this may be the one time that I actually disagree with Zuii. I know, I know. Stifle your gasps. As long as you use a decent primer, you really don’t need to layer anything. This may not be the brightest color, but it is incredibly pigmented. If you wet your brush a little, the color comes out even more intense. I’ve never had a problem with fall-out or fading using this eyeshadow either. For lack of a better word, it sticks to the brush and then sticks to your eye. Again, use a good primer, and a setting spray if you can.

Results & Recommendations
Ignoring my unplucked, bare brows, you can see how beautiful this color is on the eye. It’s light, but not sheer, and has a soft sheen to it. In this swatch, I only used Rose Mist, black eyeliner, and black mascara. Normally, I’d darken my outer corner with a medium-brown eyeshadow and add a light shimmery color under my brow bone, but I wanted to show how lovely this color was on its own. It’s a great color for summer! This swatch was, as always, done over an eyeshadow primer.

I’d definitely recommend this Flora Eyeshadow, and will be purchasing more colors in the near future.

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