Zuii Organic: Flora Lip Tints

May 22, 2017

For those of you who are unaware, Zuii Organic and I decided to get married. It goes without saying that when the news broke that my proposal was accepted, I did what any blushing bride would do. I dug through my makeup bag searching for the perfect lip color to wear to our wedding. The problem arose when I pulled out two of the Zuii Organic Flora Lip Tints, Frangapani and Poppy.

Packaging & Value
Just like the lipsticks, these were outside of my comfort zone price-wise at $29.95, but shocked me by being worth every penny. When I first got them, I told myself I would only wear them on special occasions, but I find myself wearing Frangapani around the house. I have to look good for my toddler, don’t I? The packaging is simple, but adorable. I love that the tubes are clear, making it easier to see the gloss inside. I also appreciate the square design. I can set these down and they don’t roll off the table into the hands of my toddler, who is currently in the I’m-going-to-put-everything-in-my-mouth phase. The wand is soft and flexible, making it extremely easy for me to coat my lips, even that scar on my top lip! Note: By clicking on the links above and buying from BeautyGreenHouse, this lip tint is on sale for $17.99 while supplies last. That is such an amazing price at 40% off. Plus, you get free shipping!

Application & Longevity
Organic rose, aloe vera, beeswax, vitamin E, and vitamin C. That’s what you can expect to find in these lip tints. I’d be willing to bet that these ingredients are what make the application so smooth and silky. This stuff glides on and stays put. This gloss feels just as good as it looks. My lips feel nourished while wearing these lip tints and even softer after removing them. I’m betting that’s the beeswax as well. Frangapani is the pink/gold toned lip tint and Poppy is the gorgeous red toned lip tint.

Results & Recommendations
I love these lip tints. They’re beautifully pigmented, but not to the point where you need to touch up every few hours. When I’m too busy to reapply, I just rub my lips together and the gloss spreads enough that it avoids looking patchy. These are most certainly not sticky, but they never fully dry which I believe is what makes them feel so moisturizing. Instead of offering my obvious recommendation this time, I’m asking you for one. Which one should I wear to our wedding?

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